How much does a private detective cost?

Understanding the Cost of Hiring a Private Detective

The intervention of a private detective is essential in various situations, such as employee solvency issues, deception, counterfeiting, suspicion of theft, or divorce proceedings. A private detective can work for both businesses and individuals. There are numerous reasons to seek the services of such an expert. But, what is the cost of hiring a private detective? How are the fees of this information-gathering professional determined?

Private Detective: A Regulated Profession

Have you ever considered whether it’s a regulated profession before contacting such an expert? It’s important to know that the intervention of a private detective must adhere to specific rules. Failure to comply with these rules can result in both administrative and criminal sanctions for the professional.
Since 2012, the profession of a private detective has been regulated by the National Council for Private Security Activities. This organization is responsible for enforcing the rules and imposing sanctions if any issues arise during a private detective’s intervention.

What Factors Determine the Rates of a Private Detective?

Before hiring a private detective, you should be aware that the cost of their service can vary. The fee may increase or decrease depending on the scope of the mission they undertake. As mentioned earlier, expertise and experience are crucial factors when it comes to private detectives. When you contact such a surveillance and investigative professional, you should expect good results. Several technical skills are required during the investigation process. Since they must conduct surveillance and inquiries, the time, travel, and accommodation all influence the cost of hiring a private detective.

The Cost of Hiring a Private Detective

Whether it’s an administrative investigation or fieldwork, private detectives establish rates based on the extent of their work.

For an Administrative Investigation

An administrative investigation involves researching information that doesn’t require any fieldwork. The expert conducts their work sitting down, using sources of information throughout their investigation. Experience in the field is a significant advantage for a professional private detective. However, each service has its specific rate, such as:

  • Address search: prices range from 400 to 600 euros;
  • Employer search: expect to pay between 500 to 700 euros;
  • Financial investigation: the cost starts at 1000 euros and can increase based on the time spent and the complexity of the procedures;
  • Asset investigation: the rate starts at 600 euros and varies depending on the size of the assets.

For Fieldwork

We’re talking about surveillance and tailing, two services provided by private detectives. Field investigations are necessary when a client is dealing with a case of adultery, excessive sick leave, child custody, unfair competition, and more. You can choose between hourly or flat-rate billing.
For hourly billing, the price depends on the location. If you request an investigation in Paris or the Île-de-France region, you should budget 90 to 155 euros per hour. For a detective working in the provinces, you can expect a cost of 80 to 125 euros per hour. Note that these rates include travel, meal, and surcharge fees.

Regarding flat-rate billing, the rate proposed in advance by the private detective already includes various expenses. This is an efficient way to hire a private detective. You only need to purchase the necessary credit for your mission.

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