About us

Are you looking for the best detectives? The good detective? The excellent detective? The elite of investigators or the quintessence of the private sector profession, finding the right choice or the flagship of the detective profession, a great professional in investigation and investigation: the cream? The best thing about detectives? The top of the private detective basket? The first of the detectives? It’s not our place 🙂 …

We are only artisans in search of the truth or truths…
Honest detectives serving individuals and companies, lawyers and businesses… With more than 50 years of human experience in the service of justice and the protection of property and people.

Honesty, Loyalty, Discretion and Efficiency are the key words of our profession and are the pride of our firm.

Our founder

Our Agency is managed by its founder, Mr. Gérard THOMAS-BRONDEAU for 40 years, former secretary general of the National Council of Private Research Agents, registered under the approval number issued by the Ministry of the Interior (CNAPS: National Council of Private Security Activities): AGD-075-2024-04-02-20190369827. Approved by the CNAR (National Council of Research Agents) and affiliated with IKD (International Kommission Detektiv-Verbände), representing numerous correspondents around the world.

Our team is made up of investigation professionals, each of them is specialized in a field and all are ready to invest in defending your rights and safeguarding your interests. We provide you with a team of seasoned and experienced investigators: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Missions in France and abroad.

All private, commercial and industrial investigation missions. Help, assistance and advice from experienced, efficient professionals.