Agence détective privé à Lyon

The ABAC Detective Agency offers professional services to solve your private and business investigations. With a team of experienced and skilled detectives located in Lyon, we make our expertise available to gather the necessary evidence and information for resolving your cases. We utilize the latest technologies and methods to ensure maximum efficiency while respecting the confidentiality of your information. Our headquarters are in Paris, but we regularly operate in the heart of Lyon to provide you with quick and reliable results. We have been affiliated with SNARP for over 30 years. Contact us today for a free consultation and discover how we can help you find the answers you seek. Or if you prefer, give us a phone call now to discuss your needs at

Our Founder

Our agency has been led from Paris by its founder, Mr. Gérard THOMAS-BRONDEAU, for 50 years. He is a former Secretary-General of the National Council of Private Investigators, registered under the accreditation number issued by the Ministry of the Interior (CNAPS: National Council for Private Security Activities): AGD-075-2024-04-02-20190369827. Accredited by CNAR (National Council of Research Agents) and affiliated with IKD (International Kommission Detektiv-Verbände), representing numerous correspondents worldwide. Our team consists of investigation professionals in Bordeaux, Gironde, and throughout Aquitaine. Each of them specializes in a specific field and is ready to advocate for your rights and safeguard your interests. We provide you with a team of seasoned and experienced investigators, available 24/7. Missions in France and abroad.