Pre-marriage investigation

You’re soon going to get married, but you have doubts about your future spouse? Pre-marital investigation is an effective solution to confirm or dispel your doubts. Discover with ABAC Detective the significance of such an investigation and how it unfolds.

A Pre-Marital Investigation to Verify Your Partner’s Reliability

A pre-marital investigation is conducted before marriage. Its purpose is to ensure that your partner is indeed who you believe them to be. Pre-marital investigations can also be initiated by parents to ensure the reliability of their child’s future spouse. As a future bride or groom, this investigation allows you to:

  • monitor the fidelity of your future spouse,
  • check for potential financial problems,
  • look for signs of a double life (hidden child or secret marriage),
  • clarify your partner’s civil and criminal record.

It’s also an effective way to understand the motivation behind your future spouse’s decision to marry. For instance, you can find out if your future husband or wife is marrying for love or simply for administrative documents. In essence, the pre-marital investigation prevents you from discovering unpleasant or dangerous information after your marriage.


Pre-Marital Investigation

How Does a Pre-Marital Investigation with ABAC Detective Work?

To provide comprehensive and reliable information, a pre-marital investigation must be conducted professionally. At ABAC Detective, we carry out your pre-marital investigation in two main aspects: administrative investigation and moral character investigation. This helps us gather precise and complete information about your future spouse’s life outside the relationship.

Administrative Investigation

This first aspect focuses on the civil and criminal record of the individual in question. During this part of the pre-marital investigation, we conduct inquiries into your partner’s judicial history. For this, our investigators obtain a record from their TAJ (judicial antecedents treatment) and their criminal record. We also consult the list of persons sought by the justice system to gather more details about their civil and criminal record.

Moral Character Investigation

The moral character investigation, on the other hand, focuses on your future spouse’s behavior and habits. It helps determine if this person has a violent temperament or a fondness for alcoholic beverages. A small credit investigation is also included in this aspect. It allows you to find out if your future husband or wife is financially responsible. To collect all this information about the individual in question, the ABAC Detective team discreetly inquiries with their family, friends, and employers.

ABAC Detective: Your Pre-Marital Investigation Specialist in Paris and Nice

Do you want to conduct an investigation on your future spouse before your marriage? To obtain qualitative and quantitative information, trust ABAC Detective. Based in Paris, Nice, and Cannes, our team assists you in conducting your investigation with complete discretion. We carry out all our investigations in compliance with the laws and regulations applicable in our field.

In addition to providing excellent service quality, our private detective agency is accredited by the Ministry of the Interior. Therefore, the information and evidence obtained from our investigations are admissible before the relevant authorities. By choosing our agency in Paris or Nice, you can be certain of having reliable information about your future spouse. Don’t hesitate to contact the ABAC Detective team to ensure that your marriage is built on a healthy and honest relationship.


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