Notice of adultery

Adultery is one of the reasons that can lead to a divorce being pronounced by the court. However, to justify the existence of such serious allegations, proof must be presented to the court. For this purpose, the use of a private detective to establish evidence of adultery with the bailiff is often necessary. With ABAC Detective, benefit from a clean and professional approach to collecting evidence of adultery in Paris and throughout France.

Proof of Adultery: Why Involve a Detective?

Adultery is considered by the law as a very serious ground for divorce. However, divorce is not automatic after suspicion of adultery. The betrayed spouse must still be able to substantiate the other spouse’s infidelity if a legal procedure is initiated through a bailiff. Therefore, involving a private detective in the process of establishing evidence of adultery is often necessary. The benefits of this approach, however, go well beyond what one might think. It can help to:

  • obtain information that the suspected spouse is unfaithful in order to make decisions for the future of the marriage (reconciliation or separation),
  • obtain valid evidence under the law to justify the adultery committed by one’s spouse (proof of adultery),
  • obtain evidence that can tip the balance in one’s favor during negotiations for mutual consent divorce.

To gather concrete and legally valid pieces of evidence, the technique most commonly used by private detectives is surveillance. With our extensive expertise in the field, we offer surveillance services at ABAC Detective for all your needs related to proof of adultery or extramarital investigations. We can obtain a variety of evidence for you in record time, which you can present to the bailiff for the proof of adultery. We operate throughout France and even internationally when necessary.

Private Detective Adultery

ABAC Detective: A Team of Specialized Investigators at Your Service

The ABAC group has over 50 years of experience in managing cases related to justice, individuals, and property. We have seasoned investigators who operate with great professionalism on each of our proof of adultery missions. They adhere to a very strict quality charter and operate discreetly during surveillance of the unfaithful spouse.

Our goal is to provide you with concrete evidence that can be useful during your divorce proceedings. This may include photos, videos, or any other tangible evidence that can be presented to the bailiff for the proof of adultery and to the judge for their verdict. At the end of our mission, we compile comprehensive reports that can be presented directly to the court. These are fully admissible pieces of evidence under Articles 200 to 202 of the Code of Civil Procedure (the new version).

Apart from extramarital investigations in the context of proof of adultery, you can also trust the ABAC Detective team for all your family investigation matters, pre-marital investigations, child custody investigations, and more. So, do not hesitate to contact our team to establish evidence of adultery and fault on the part of your partner.


Notice of adultery

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